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Ok so, this information is old and cribbed from an old version of the site. I left Owen Sound about five years ago, so it’s been a while since I played with anyone in the Owen Sound Area. I’m currently living in Toronto and playing with a community orchestra, the Scarborough Philharmonic. But you know, enjoy, for what it’s worth.

Looking back over the generations, it would appear that I’m a third generation trombone player. My grandfather, uncle and cousin all play. There’s some evidence to suggest that if you go back a couple of generations beyond that, that there are even more trombonists. So you might say that it runs in my blood.

Musically, I started out on Viola, but quickly saw the light, got saved, and switched to heavy brass at a pretty young age. I started migrating down to bass trombone after hearing Jerry Johnson’s work on Maynard Ferguson’s “Cameleon”. (And a Cameleon he was…. he wasn’t even playing a bass trombone! Of course, I only found this out years later). After playing with the Band of the Ceremonial Guard in 1982, I switched from Tenor, to Bass Trombone, full time where I’ve lived happily ever since.

I’m currently playing with the Georgian Bay Symphony and the Georgian Sound Big Band. Most of the work I’m currently involved in is centred in the Georgian Triangle area of Ontario, but I do get around. There’s an album in the works (isn’t there always?), and I’m currently working doing some really experimental alternative/punk stuff. It should be pretty cool.

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